09/14/2017 3:54 pm

Pitch Perfect: How to Successfully Pitch to the Media

Pitch Perfect: How to Successfully Pitch to the Media

We started Babbler to connect content creators to storytellers in the most efficient way possible through our social networking platform.

One of the most important aspects of our platform is our “Messages” feature which enables PR professionals to directly connect with the leading journalists and influencers in their industry.

Here’s how to make your pitch stand out and be published in some of the most respected publications in the world.

It’s Not Personal, It’s not Business - It’s Actually Both!

Make your pitch as personal as possible.
Take a little time to get to know the journalist you are pitching. What types of stories typically interest them? What kinds of stories have they already published?


Keep it short and simple. If you can nail your elevator pitch in the opening paragraph, it’s ideal. Just give facts. If you have a lot of information, lay it out in bullet points and stick to 150 words.

Do Let the Journalist Know Who Your Competitors Are

If the journalist is interested in your product or company, let them know who, if any, your strongest competitors are. Not only does this illustrate that there is a demand for your company or product, but it also gives you the opportunity to showcase unique selling points aka why you’re different.

Do Reference Data To Back Up Your Claims

If you a tell a journalist your company is the “market leader in XYZ,” make sure you have an impartial third party source to back that claim up.

Don’t Use Buzzwords

All journalists want to hear is what your product or company does, what it does, and what problem it solves. Practical information wins against buzzwords so omit “unique”, “innovative”, and “game-changing.”

Don’t tell the journalist about another publication’s coverage of your news

A journalist doesn’t want to be told that another publication wrote about your news announcement. This means that another publication beat them to the punch on your product story.

Do Have All Aspects of Your Content Ready When You Pitch

When pitching to a journalist, you may receive a very quick response. It’s imperative you have your content (images, videos, illustrations, infographics, etc.) ready to go if they are interested in moving forward with your pitch.

It’s important to follow these rules to put yourself in the best position for your news to get picked up by a top journalist and featured in a leading publication. Posting content organically to your Babbler profile is integral for journalists to discover you and the first step to success. Connecting directly with journalists via the Messages feature in the Babbler platform is the second.