04/27/2017 8:58 pm

Discover Techstars Demo Day with our CEO pitch!

Discover Techstars Demo Day with our CEO pitch!

Our founder introduced Babbler to hundreds of US investors

Babbler joined the prestigious worldwide accelerator program, Techstars Austin, in January.

After three months of intense work on their business model, product, and pitch, 10 teams got ready for the final Demo Day. This unique session allows each founder to introduce their company's snapshot in front of hundreds of investors. In the two days leading up to the program, they also have set up one to one curated meetings with investors from all over the world to discuss further fundraising opportunities.

See Babbler's full pitch at Techstars Demo Day:

All the founders received strong coaching everyday during the last two weeks to be able to deliver the best possible pitch in 2 minutes. Each of them was introduced on stage by their main mentor. Babbler’s CEO Hannah Oiknine was introduced by Trendkite's CEO: Erik Huddleston.

Techstars was a powerful experience built with an amazing team of 10 startups who showed strong growth every day during the 3 months. This 2017 program included four international companies from France, Canada, Uruguay and Colombia. It also had companies in the U.S. from Texas, Arizona, California and North Carolina.

This experience allowed us to get high-valuable feedbacks from all the hundreds mentors we have met the first month. Key learnings was the daily mojo!

Initially, Babbler focused on servicing PR professionals but the Techstars program helped us realize that Babbler's success actually relies on reporters adoption. Hence, we have changed our priorities and our team is now revamping our platform's ergonomics, design and features to better fit journalists’ needs and make their life much easier. For instance, we have created a new matching algorithm for deeper content targeting and are building a complete new reporter's profile.


We are very honored and thrilled to have been part of this amazing program. Techstars was the best way to accelerate our progress, especially in the US!