05/02/2017 4:03 pm

Babbler Updates - Grow your network of reporters!

Babbler Updates - Grow your network of reporters!

Discover how to grow your network of reporters

We've listened to your feedbacks and have started to revamp Babbler's platform in a more ergonomic & efficient way to better answer your needs. The first changes are connected to "My Network" page, a new strategic space enabling you to build your journalists communities.

"My Network" new page will make your work easier!

The new design of "My Network" page now allows you to easily manage your media communities, all in one place

This page will enable you to organize your follower circles, invite your network of reporters to join you on Babbler, and to receive suggested contacts based on the topics you select.

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How to import your contacts

Do you need to interact easily with your different media communities? With "My Network" page, you can now invite your network of reporters to join you on Babbler by using Gmail, or uploading your list of contacts.

Check out the graphic below to learn how to import your network with Gmail.

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You can also invite your network of journalists with the "Drag & Drop" feature. 

Explore our suggested contacts

We want to help you grow your media community quickly and efficiently. With "My Network" page, you will now be able to access suggested reporter contacts covering the topics that matter to you.

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